Friday, 10 June 2011

The C word...

is one that there is generally no getting away from.

It's a perfectly good word.
Descriptive and powerful.
Often used when all commonsense seems lost,
but not one to be used in polite company.

Of course, I'm talking about "Conspiracy"
 There was a time when us folks only had a couple of Cs to ponder
and wonder about - Could they, would they and why?
JFK obviously p'd off a few of the wrong sorts.
During the 90s, however, things start to shift a bit.
There was a splendid TV show called 'The X-files'
which I initially thought was going to be a modern take on
The Twilight Zone.
By the end of Season Two we were in a whole new programme.
Anyhow, this massively popular programme caught the imagination of many people.
It's main messages seemed to be 
"Trust No-one"
"I Want To Believe"

I think it really hit a chord with the public at large,
with shady, governmental goings-on
and inexplicable things happening then being covered up before word got out.
Paranoia was in.

I'll get round to blogging about the pertinence of the C word regards Lockerbie at other points.
It would be impossible to write anything about the whole thing without doing so.
There are many unanswered questions, but I'm not going to ask any. There isn't anyone to ask.

Reaching back into the past always uncovers little lost nuggets of information.
Stuff that may or may not be important.
Memory is a notoriously fragile thing.
The police in Scotland 
( aka the Polis )
are pretty good at writing everything down
They are made up, mainly, of individuals who work hard
and deal with all sorts of unsavoury and terrible events.
Their numbers contain dedicated individuals. Conscientious. Competent. Honest.
Unarmed, so know how to fight dirty.
Occasionally, something like what happened to
Then one really wonders what the fek is going on.
Politics is involved and it's coming from the top.
This is a bad thing.
Maybe I'm alone in thinking that the career of any politician is a top priority.

From the moment PA103 hits the ground a different game seems to jump the queue on Justice.

National Security 
and not protection of Patriots
is all that matters.
At least that's confirmed.

Still, the prosecution's got cast-iron witnesses to call
and key forensics experts.
Luckily for the prosecution they didn't actually need any of either.

At the time of the verdict I brought a laugh out of a group of pals in the boozer
( Robbie's on Leith Walk - practically an institution in it's own regards )
In the 'debate' of guilty/not guilty a couple of nights before the announcement was, er announced,
I said, " One to the gaol, one to go free "
Mostly, we all reckoned on Not Proven. 
Don't know why I said it, just piped-up with my tuppence worth into someone else's 
conversation whilst waiting to be served
( Deuchar's IPA - hard to find a better ale brewed )

A couple of weeks later one of the pals bought me a beer and asked,
" How the hell did you know that? "
I didn't know what to say.
I'm not psychic.
Sometimes I just like to be contrary.
Especially in boozers.
It's the best way to choice get the choicest opinions and some cutting 'repartee'
I just felt that, after more than a decade, they'd better pin someone.
To this day no one understands why the judges didn't use Not Proven.

It was only in the years after the case that those of us 
( ie average punters with no inside, in-depth knowledge of proceedings )
 peering a little deeper,reflecting on 
Scotland's biggest ever criminal justice case,
began to realise just how Not Proven Mr Megrahi's conviction really was.
It's most likely that the judges were doing what was expected of them.
Scotland's a wee place, with wee institutions.
In many walks of life, the right thing to do is often dressed up as
"It'll be in your best interests to do this.  Just say that"
It must be a hard toil getting to be a judge and a Lord.
I suspect not rocking the boat is a good idea.
Safe pair of hands required.

All of the conspiracies I've read have that tantalising element of 
" Actually, that all sounds quite rational and might be true "
( Apart from those of MoonBat Inc - stop it with the aliens, already. 
ps the lizards were in a programme called V )

I'm not really interested in the why.
It's the who I'd like to see brought before a court.
All of them.
National Security?
You're having a laugh.

At some point, probably in the far future,
someone might do the unexpected of him or herself.

And leak the truth.

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