Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Main Points of Contention.

Some of the problems regards the investigation and trial.
  • identification of Mr. Megrahi as the purchaser of clothes from a shop called Mary's House, Malta.
  • identification of Toshiba radio
  • identification of timer used in triggering IED
  • the worthiness of the forensic science as provided by known fraudulent scientists
  • the route the IED took from Malta, via Frankfurt, via London.
  • securtiy issues at airports in above mentioned cities.
  • competent witnesses to any wrong-doing by the defendants.

The investigators certainly had a next to impossible job trying to figure out this crime.
It is believed by many, including me, that a political fix to implicate Libya was introduced and that once an opportunity to pin a couple of random Libyans for it appeared, the investigation, despite any real evidence,
stopped looking for tthe real culprits. 

The 'Whodunnit' is never likely to be solved, or if it has been it is never likely to be revealed to the public.

The Scottish Criminal Justice system can be proved before the world to be corruptible, although Shirley Mckie and others know this already. 

Miscarriages of justice happen in all systems, for sure.  There's just not many quite like this one.

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