Friday, 3 June 2011

What this blog is and what it's not...

An introduction.
Of sorts, sort of.
Too many silly people asking all the wrong questions are just as annoying
as too many bright people failing to question anything. 

What happened in the years after the bombing of Pan Am 103,
killing 270 people in the air and on the ground of Scotland, in 1988
will trouble me for all my days.

 I am not connected to any of the victims,
or families.
I am not an investigator or journalist,
nor a polis or spook.

I am, mostly, bemused.
It's these bemusings that are going to be filling this blog.

Let's begin: 

The man convicted of the crime,
 Mr Abdelbasset al-Megrahi,
could not have achieved it in the manner 
that he was alleged to have done so. 

 I will never know for certain  who blew the plane from the sky.
Nor will I ever comprehend the reason why.

It is entirely possible to put together an entirely different version of events that lead to the bombing.
There are 3 or 4 plausible,
and I have to say more convincing,
narratives than the one that jailed Mr Megrahi.

This blog is not intended to become a discussion forum,
nor a repository for Conspiracy Theories and MumboJumbo.
Leave a comment by all means, but keep it polite
and do be careful about slander and libel.

259 people scattered across the Scottish scenery.
11 people incinerated in their own homes.

For what?


So, why this now?
Hopefully just to have some materials handy.
( Mr Megrahi will be in the news again soon enough. )
People acquainted with the case will probably not learn anything new.
Those who just assume Mr Megrahi is guilty just because the news are
always calling him The Lockerbie Bomber are in for a shock.

Perhaps they might notice what passes for justice
in this cherished world of democracy and freedom
where law is subordinated to Washington via Westminster.

From the tiniest fragments and slimmest of details
are all our lives dependent.

None of us have much time.
Try to spend it doing the least harm to others that you can manage.
Your government and courts sure ain't looking out for you.

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