Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Useful idiots

It seems that many people have the knowledge of some of the agents and agencies
( governmental, criminal or otherwise )
involved in the downing of PA103.
Politics was definitely all.

An octopus has been used as a metaphor
in the quest for the scoop on who really dunnit.

The more I learn in the continually unravelling prosecution case
the more I'm minded of a nest of vipers,
which is possibly unfair on the vipers.

Dedicated professionals from all walks of life seemed to have a choice.
Fit the evidence around the proposed case.
Er, that's not actually a choice.

Suffice to say, that straying from the chosen narrative was a bad career choice.

The move to brand anyone questioning the conviction of Mr Megrahi as a
conspiracy nut is a sign of desperation.
Accusations of being a Libyan schill are a sign of someone still grieving.
Beliefs are a way to avoid looking at reality.
Maybe it was Libyan agents, but it was certainly never proved.

My impressions from reactons by US citizens is that:
 they've not quite got their heads around why
 any country in the world would attack the USA.
It isn't a stretch to say that, while just about everyone likes fizzy cola and
decent rock and pop tunes, no one's really all that keen on US soldiers stomping
about the world installing 'democracy' and 'liberating' the fek out of everywhere.
Culture clash?
's all about the money.

So, who, back in the 1980s could have possibly had a grudge against the mighty USA.
Actually, there's a fair ol' list.
While Ronnie's Reaganites blind-sided us all with the
'Evil Empire'
of the Soviet Union
there was bubbling resentment all over the globe.

The problem for the USA seems to have been,
to be sure still is,
that it cannot come out with a good ol' face to face showdown.
( y'know, white hats v black hats sorta thing, probably about noon )
War is really bad for commercial interests, apart from the arms industries of course.
The oil needs to flow
and most of it flows from the middle-east.

So, being an efficient war based enterprise the USA has spent decades propping up corrupt
and indefensible regimes anywhere that is helpful to it's interests.
Yet given half a chance those useful puppets are only of so much use.
Keep things stable and the goodies, trinkets and riches will flow,
no questions asked.

Gaddafi's his own man.
Self-interest max.
He's been a target of the USA for decades
and now the narrative for his disposal is pretty much completely in place.

If he did indeed order and 'facilitate' the bombing of PA103
then he should be brought to trial.
Along with his government of the time.

I've read of some people wanting him killed
because of Lockerbie.
Perhaps this is the Mists of War.

A war which
, apart from one outrageous attackday on Sept11 2001,
has been fought completely outside the borders of the USA.

American justice systems are all about revenge.
A cycle of violence that's straight out of the old testament.
It rarely seems to be about vengeance on the correct targets.

Perhaps the only real breakthroughs in our understanding of
why PanAm103 was destroyed will come when the narrative needs to change.

Too many careers hinge on always having an enemy
( Operation BogeyMan )

Even if Gadaffi is deposed/assassinated/exiled/ tried and executed,
there will always be the fact that Mr Megrahi was imprisoned
by a court that could not prove it was him,
or how he did it.

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